Nitty Gritty:

  • Payment: As of right now, contributors to our online magazine do not receive a monetary payment of any kind. Authors of bonbon chapbooks will receive one free copy of the bonbon, as well as additional copies at a reduced cost. We do this to keep costs at a minimum, and because our chapbooks are priced only to pay for supplies, and not for profit.
  • Rights: All rights revert to the author upon publication.
  • Response: We try to get back to you within 8-10 weeks, but feel free to query us at  if you haven’t heard from us by then.
  • Revisions: Sometimes people make mistakes, and we will overlook a spelling error the firs time (and yes, we did mean to leave the ‘t’ off of ‘first!’). That being said, however, we expect you to send us your best work; meaning you’ve taken the time to thoroughly check for formatting and grammar errors. Don’t make us send something delicious back to the kitchen just because the presentation was sloppy. (if you have submitted something to us and noticed an error AFTER you submitted it, please withdraw it with a note concerning the change, and resubmit it.)
  • Simultaneous submissions: We encourage simultaneous submissions. If your work is accepted elsewhere, please withdraw it using the submittable portal. If one piece has been accepted elsewhere but you would still like us to consider the rest of your submission, please send us an email letting us know which pieces to withdraw from consideration.

Regular Submissions:

We seek writing that will make us salivate. Words that will make our stomachs growl. We want engorging work that satiates our minds in its reflection of life. Like the title of our beloved magazine, we especially want to see the interplay between bitterness and sweetness; light and darkness, salvation and damnation. If your writing paints a dark cavern, show us the matchstick. If it speaks to the large macrocosm of life, let us see it through a pinhole lens. We want pieces that teeter; balancing on the paradoxical and undefined. We want work that we can’t pigeonhole; defying labels and societal expectations. Give us the tart wine, the honeyed poison. Our favorite part of consuming chocolate is the bitter aftertaste that follows the sweet bite. Or is it the other way around?

Note: We have two different editions; mini chapbooks published at random throughout the year, and a webzine published piece by piece as we get submissions. By submitting to our general call, you give us permission to choose which edition we will use your work in, should we choose to accept it. Neither one is more “special” or “important” than the other, some pieces just have different flavors that work better with others.

We accept all submissions through our Submittable page here.

Art Submissions:

For art submissions, all of the above apply. Note, sometimes submittable has trouble with acceptances and the like. In that case, please send us a query email. WARNING: If you send us your submission flat out, we will reject it outright.


A bonbon is a French term describing small sweets such as soft nougat, fondant, fruit, or nuts, enrobed in chocolate. They are commonly presented in delicate wrappers and elaborate boxes. Literally meaning “good good,” bonbons are the epitome of catered indulgence and traditional romance. In a literary/print sense, think of Bitterzoet bonbons as mini chapbooks. A small taste of the work of an individual artist; enough to intrigue; tantalize, and leave one hungry for more.

They will highlight the subtle flavors that will make your box of chocolates a taste sweet unto its own cohesiveness. In short, we want delicious, delicate poems, fiction and creative art pieces that we can present in the form of a small chocolate sampler (ie, a mini chapbook), to unleash upon the world. We want savory work; work that will satisfy and surprise our intellectual and creative palettes without overwhelming us; a taste of the delicate and the dark.

Please note that we reserve the right to create a chapbook that reflects our creative direction with your work. We try very hard to use our chapbooks to house and promote your words. We want to give you the very best we can offer to highlight how delicious your words are, therefore please be patient. On average our bonbons take between 1-6 months.

We accept all submissions through our Submittable page here.