blood rain by Jamie O’Connell

Swing into my skull. Eat shivers and fish eggs. Drown into different colors, color blinds, my closed eyes. Folding into each other, like dawn. Like dawn holds my eyes in a cup, flowing water in a stream.   Jamie O’Connell lives in San Francisco, where she received her MFA from California College of the Arts. […]


Winnowing by Emily Teltsworth

              from John Cheever’s Goodbye, My Brother   The coast was terminal naked, unshy, beautiful.   The beach is a vast unrecognizable broken thing.   Wild grapes grow profusely all over islands where nothing else grows but course grass.   I don’t have any more time to waste here with nets on the cliffs filled […]


The Story of Utopia or this is her dream sequence for three nights in a row by Emily Teltsworth

she sees dirty footprints lingering like ruins in the living room of a house now covered with decade-filth furniture wrappings and wasp colonies buzzing in her father’s voice don’t go buying tickets to utopia before visiting that place full of crows with little mouths eating alabaster stone etched with maps to underworlds under sapling roots […]