Only Nooses by Ben Togut

            where old chandeliers used to hang, crystals dazzling blood orange light. wandering barefoot across marble, draped in the heaviest of furs, needles of frost burrowing into her forearms.   Every morning a new baptism, a new lesson in forgetting her body                         a thesis on hollowness, straining against frost-bitten lavender. Static nights whispering along […]


Debussy’s La Mer by Lana Bella

Birds and bitters laid starved— you bent there a wraith-mystified, exhaling adders of sea mist. Contralto swept earthen floor from the wreck of your treeless city, strewn with offal supping on camphor, red thunder in fists, raveling loose the symmetry of netted umlauts on phosphorous rocks’ carmine scales. Running at angle through winter vales, you […]