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For our five year anniversary, we’ve carefully selected five pieces that we thought best represented the feel and journey of our magazine. We’ve always loved to play with the theme of bittersweetness; and think it’s the true flavor of life. Thus, the pieces for our five year anniversary broadsides were carefully chosen to best reflect that.

Designed by British artist Tom Warner (, each one was crafted to best represent the style, tone, and imagery of each piece. For Crow Parts, actual feathers were used and painted to create the final dusty image. On Dissecting an Owl Pellet saw a owl figurine sawed into pieces and carefully reassembled. Green tomatoes were used to print Pasadena Summer. Under Wild Plum Trees saw a beautiful treatment of a handmade lino cut, and If all that there is is this Fear was made with a beautiful hand-painted treatment on textured paper. All of these works can be viewed in full with our gallery above, and to read the pieces in themselves, please follow the links below. If you would like to purchase a copy of any of these broadsides to continue to support us; you can do so on our etsy page here.

Crow Parts by Lauren Milici 
On Dissecting an Owl Pellet by Chelsea Eckert
Pasadena Summer by Chasity Gunn 
If all that there is is this fear by Daniel Shapiro
Under Wild Plum Trees by Taylor Graham