the editors

Wes Solether puts the “oh?” in poet. He grew up in the suburbs of Chicago, where the cornfields were held at arms length like the embrace of a hated distant cousin named Jeffrey. He moved to San Francisco to pursue his M.F.A. in poetry. He anticipates finding it next to the Necronomicon in August. His poems have found good, stable jobs in indefinite space, Counterexample Poetics, Timber Magazine, and Vector Press. They’ve also found their way onto the Wall of Miracles in the U.K., though he warned them the weather sucks, but what can you do?

Pattie Flint is an uprooted Seattle native toughing it out in the United Kingdom and spends her days as a marketing consultant for an Italian travel company. Previously, she has been an editor for the award-winning Jeopardy Magazine, and helped form the creative journal The Voice. She has had her work published in [five] Quarterly, HESA Imprint, Borders, TAB, and Hippocampus. She enjoys obscure foreign words, looking at the backs of boys necks, and tiny cups of hot cocoa. She’s afraid that her obsession with hamsters has led to a subconscious belief that all good relationships will die after two years, which leads to her falling in love way more often than necessary.

Rachel A Phelps
Rachel A. Phelps is a poet from the mountains of central Pennsylvania currently living her dream in sunny central Florida. She received a degree in Writing, Literature & Publishing from Emerson College and an MFA in Poetry from Cedar Crest College. Her poems can be found in Bitterzoet Magazine and the Bitter Oleander. She has never finished a nature documentary without crying and hopes someday to find the kind of happiness that Mandy Moore promised in her quintessential love song Candy.