Malign by Sara Hunter-Campbell

–after Arthur Rimbaud’s “Le Mal,” mistranslated
Tender as the rosy cracks along the trail, stifling as an endless blue ceiling. Snail green rat king—in cruel masses dance the few.
Tender as the inevitable folly of men and made of a hundred men aflame—poorer than death in a summer grass laughing, nature, who sanctified men in fire.
God is a sick maiden fainted under incense and golden halos who breeds mercy in her blessed sleep.
And she dreams with mothers rejoined with angels of rain in old black hoods who sleep with lies held in their mouths.

Sara Hunter-Campbell is a poet whose work has been published in Francis House, Synezoma, and their alma mater Saint Vincent College’s Generation Magazine. They live with their wife in southwestern Pennsylvania, where they work as a shelter counselor.