Listen Carefully by Caroline Maun

On days when I wore Tickled Pink lipstick,
I’d put on my blue suede shoes
and rock the mud puddles.
Another shade I favored was Habanero,
since it clashed with the halo
of gauze that was my chlorinated hair.
When I played in the jade open meadow,
I dug my fingers into thick red clay,
Tinting my lips with carnelian sand.


Caroline Maun’s poetry books include The Sleeping (Marick Press, 2006), What Remains (Main Street Rag, 2013), and two chapbooks, Cures and Poisons and Greatest Hits, both published by Pudding House Press. She has also been published in Delmarva Review, The MacGuffin, Summerset Review, Third Wednesday, and Eleven Eleven, among others.