It Serves Us All by Jeffrey Kingman

Conversations under the dance hall
the students up
pounding the pounding
the hard
up pounding the hard floor.
What’d you say?
Said, That sound.
People at the basement pillar
woman with a lisp.
Something about an astronaut.
Something about bees eating the cat food.
Could we dance up stairs?
Stairs might cave.
Floor and stairs
might just might not be.
Might not be sound.
What kind of astronaut?
The moon kind.
The mooon kind.
Like a little
a little kid.
Like a little kid kind
of astronaut.
Or the bee
where a grown-up’s stuck
in the helmet.
The stinging
Stuck and stuck and stinging
your face.
Stinging it.
Eyes swell shut
all the dancing on earth.


Jeffrey Kingman won the 2012 Revolution House Flash Fiction Contest and the 2018 Eyelands Book Award for an unpublished poetry book. He was a finalist in the 2018 Hillary Gravendyk Prize poetry book competition. He has been published in PANK, Squaw Valley Review, and others.