Welcome to Sky Valley by Matthew Mayberry

Where I am taking

the jam jar of my heart


some turbines blink

a red asynchrony


over a wide plain, zephyrs

lick my porous hand


like sandy kitten

tongues and the inane


weight of a blue

day swells into a bruised


and tender darkness. My

shoulders, so sore


from the way I am always

hurrying out of the grandeur


of an eighteen wheeler’s

shadow, ease under the deep


bellows of the desert

dusk, in which a great


and purple scorpion

menaces a strobing


Saturn. No hills, nothing

else to overcome, where


I am holding the jam

jar of my heart the letters of


your name scatter on

the jejune winds like


spores of fuming pain.


Matthew Mayberry lives in Columbus, Ohio and attends the Ohio State University. He enjoys swimming in lakes, walking, and comedy open mics. His poetry idols are Jack Spicer, Aimee Nezhukumatathil, and Ross Gay.