A Bird in Hand by Deborah Guzzi

After: William Shakespeare – Mini Biography (TV-14; 4:43) 


Through much display of bygone plays, we gain

a sense of humor regarding amour staged.

Steadfast, we pine at each plea inane

from courting swains who lack a seasoned age.


May all marry as Will tarried with love’s claim

to an elder lacking gelt, but with a pretty face.


Shall we damn the dame who set him aflame?

Surely not, for a bedded, budding urn’s place

is that of wife, regardless of her age.


So smile and see the humor in the plight

of a young wife and old man in dotage.


Well-wish the mother dove on starry night

displaying ardor to her randy nestling;

love makes fools of all with each undressing.



Debbie is the author of The Hurricane available through Prolific Press. She’d love to change the world with words and tries. Her favorite book is Stranger in a Strange Land by Robert Heinlein. His concept of empathic understanding grokking is a cornerstone of her life.