Disco Ruined my Life by Nicole Storey


I have a nervous rat that lives inside my skull

He demands house music and cocaine

I try to stop obliging him

But the bastard knows how to litigate

I dance naked in my living room

Swinging wildly like

A dervish

Like a drunk

Like a person who has lost the ability to rationalize

Under the weight

Of all this goddamned nothingness

The lights blink and I am spellbound

By the possibility that this could all be a


Perhaps my body only looks like this through

the lenses that I have been given

And what looks to me like a pale pink hand with five fingers

Is really a green waterfall

Crashing into an orange sunset

Collapsing onto ebony pearls at the bottom

Of the forgotten lake of infinity

But it is far more likely that I have simply

done too much cocaine again

and I should go to bed

and not listen to anymore Daft Punk for awhile

but the inside of my eyelids looks like

Goddamn eternity

so I will dance naked in secret


Nicole Storey is a writer from Albuquerque, New Mexico. When she is not writing she enjoys playing with her dog, zoning out and basking in the sun like a lizard. Her work has recently been published by Chronically Lit.