Vivid Dreams by Kofi Antwi

i am conducting a silver bullet

instead of qualms over speed and size


I find beauty opposes

Coltrane’s affair with familiar railroads


time flies right on by before

you know a body drops cold


and stifles the host of organic illusions

bypass dreamville and or ghetto’s haven


the shower of pain continues

where the onslaught begins


when I trigger it’s igniter

holy choruses sing Bloody Mary


it’s off springs gain traction

and grows louder with each tussle


my soul and spirit disappears

white shoes soak in a puddle of blood


until my pistol runs out of ammunition

and we are all – still


the gun ponder settles

and she recoils the kiss of death


Kofi Antwi is a writer of poetry, nonfiction, and fiction. A graduate from St. Joseph’s College MFA Creative Writing program, Kofi works as an educator at Arturo A Schomburg Satellite Academy. The prolific writer was born in Brooklyn and raised in Staten Island by parents of Ghanaian descent.