Pasadena Summer by Chasity Gunn

Momma is standing
over the stove, apronless
clothed in work
she slices green tomatoes
bought, from a roadside farmer
with folded dollar bills
makes a well in flour
in the middle of a paper plate
with her fingertips
covers naked tomatoes
with grace and flour
as if she is getting
ready to baptize
them in the name
of the Father,
the Son,
and the Holy Ghost.

Alabama native and former newspaper reporter, Chasity Gunn, has a Master of Fine Arts in Poetry from Hamline University. She has been published in Rock, Paper, Scissors and has performed a one-woman show in the Bedlam Theatre’s 10×10 Fest. Gunn also served as the production assistant for Water-Stone Review and was a member of the poetry editorial board. She has participated in the Cracked Walnut Reading Series and was a member of Hamline’s inaugural Poetry Slam team. Gunn has been a member of the Twin Cities Black Women Writers Collective. Currently, she is working on a manuscript for children called How to Create a World, which will be released later this year.