Colored and Aglow by Deborah Guzzi

carnival night
carnival colored
colored penny candy
colored tattoos
tattoos of hearts
tattoos of anchors
anchors to earth
anchors to the dock
dock by the shore
dock of the bay
bay at the moon
bay windows
windows of the soul
window’s open
open to the scented night
open upon the alter of time
time to rejoin
time to loose
loose the chip
loose the ticket
ticket on the train
ticket to board
board walk
board the plane
plane with the grain
plane level
level the playing field
level of skill
skill wins the panda
skill rings the bell
bell the cow
bell without clapper
clapper freezes
clapper your hands
hands which shoot pop guns
hands which hold sparklers
sparklers make the baby smile
sparklers snap and sizzle
sizzle on the grill

sizzle in your short shorts
shorts rule the noisy night
shorts in the form of kiddles
kiddles eating cotton candy
kiddles screaming for a toy
toy with me baby
toy sparklers aglow
aglow like your eyes
eyes smiling


Deborah Guzzi is a healing facilitator using energetic touch and the written word. She has written three books. The Hurricane published in 2015 is available through Prolific Press, Amazon, and other venues. Her poetry appears in University Journals & Literary Reviews in the UK, France, Spain, Canada, Australia, China, Singapore, New Zealand, Greece, India and the USA.