Twice Yielding by Sylvan Lebrun

these visitations prove weary on my lungs

pointlessly betting three locks of hair and rusted pennies and an old lipstick that

the verdict is a false one

oh, who knew an apparition

could take such a toll

on even a disbelieving heart

or a pair of disbelieving lungs


oh, send the plague down upon me

as I, so profane, find divinity

in a back alley, in a windy day, in bruised fingertips, and in

old plates at a summer yard sale
because I like to be told of the gluttony of history

because I look where I am not allowed

and I love where I am forbidden


will the manifestation of my uneasiness

halt for a sheer second

as I construct a temple

for the wanton beauty

of the center of the sun


Sylvan Lebrun is a high school student living in Tokyo, Japan. She enjoys writing poetry, composing music, and spending time with her two dogs.