Earth Day by Matt Nagin

I gotta get a groupon

for that

save the earth mumbo jumbo

fix my shower bar

tell my ex-g.f. I still love her

repaint my polluted past

go to costa rica

marry an activist

watch that al gore documentary

and the planet is weeping

the leaves are dying

ice melting

glaciers cleaving

polar bears dancing among ice floes

rain forests burning like

pyromaniacs working their magic

on spring break

gmos dancing among our crops

water supply fracked to hell—

ya, I get it—

but I turned 40

feel alone

wanna settle down

seem tragic in my living room

and will





to marry me?



Matt Nagin is a writer, educator, actor, filmmaker and standup comedian. His poetry has been published in Antigonish Review, Dash Literary Journal, The Charles Carter, Grain Magazine and Arsenic Lobster, among other markets. His first poetry collection, “Butterflies Lost Within The Crooked Moonlight,” was released in 2017, and has obtained very strong reader reviews on Amazon. More info at