The Pisan Cantos by Colin Honnor

white lightning on serpent river
and the light comes
granite through mist
as pale grey eyes
and whispers of immortality
flake from cloud
palpitations of water

echoes of water, memories,
of carrion waves
sun’s red carpet soiled
with blood above Mycenae

the wind in the olive trees
broken leaves, twigs, sodden
fable von dem froschen
die Sturk
accused and condemned of plunder
exacts a horrid revenge upon the frog colony for
as she avers, they are too many and must be
the youngest bud drops to fall
to flower into leaf
to bloom again
she says
paterfamilias hooped
in rope


Colin Honnoris a widely published poet in numerous magazines in print
and online; Collections, mostly from small presses and private presses include
From Underground (Mirabilis) ; Dante; Cavafy; The Somme; (Yew Tree
Press). English Poetry is forthcoming from the University Press of America.
He is a former editor of Poetry and Audienceand runs a fine arts press in the