Fern by Kristi Beisecker



Traditional Photography, 18×24” print



Concept: William Reich, in 1940, discovered a subtle energy in organic
materials that is extremely attracted to water. It is said that this subtle energy
is the life force energy of organic materials. It has long been thought that this
subtle energy can be captured and conveyed through a contact photographic
process called Kirlian Photography with the organic materials being exposed
to electricity onto traditional photographic paper.


Artist Statement: In the Spring of 2012 I took a class in Alternative
Photography as part of my degree in Graphic and Interactive Design. I
am also into spirituality and as part of this interest I discovered Kirlian
Photography or as I like to term it – Electrography. Kirlian Photography is
made using high voltage electricity to expose objects on photo sensitive paper.
In the realm of spirituality this photo process is said to capture the life force
energy of organic materials, thus using it as a scientific process. Those who
use the process look at it in a scientific mind frame and just photograph one
object. Seeing its’ potential as an art form, I took the process and reinvigorated
it to be compatible with traditional darkroom processing. As this process
was originally developed to use Polaroid film – which is expensive now
– my college only had darkroom processing so I used the materials that
were available to me. In the creation process, I applied my design skills
of composition, relationships to elements on the page and how to arrange
objects on a page where the energy flowed through the design. To me these
photographs aren’t just photograms but a cultivation of my entire knowledge
as an artist.