Sheellakshoo Devil Ballad by Chloe Burns

o the moonlight on me clinks
as I walk the moonlight loonlight clacks and chitters
and someone on the street says o hey give us a piece of that
clinking littering moonlight, baby doll, but
I am on my way yes I am headed
to the very edge the precipitation of the ocean’s stretch
the ocean and at its very edge its inclined beckon you
beckon, you my lover with your ludicrous fingers
each finger a canoe, a shell, a scoop
I am scooped like melon by you lover I am on my way

still each slab of concrete on the sidewalk
on the sidewalk on which I walk with my
dusty musty attic shoes you will say smell like lemons each slab
of concrete musters clusters gasps once once once once
once the most beautiful man in the world touched me,
layed me flat with his hands thicker than the earth, aye, he
touched me he did and yes, yes I nod stopping for a moment
and then I keep on because you o you are waiting
you are waiting in the last lit department store window the last
the lit the last lover with the absurd lampshade for a head you
lover you ill-uminate me you serenade me you turn me on

see the devil with his tonguey tie & his mailorder eyebrows
leans on the devoutly wooden doors of the church
the church all lilacked and he says he purrs o hey missy you
he purrs where o where’re’re’re’re you off to so fast such a hurry stay a while
your lover your lava looser lackalover is waitin’ in the pew
just inside in the pew so pious but nah I say though my heart is wingbeat fast,
nah I say I think ah’ll keep on going and the devil sipped
the devil zipped at me so fast and bites two holes in my lip like
a ticket collector, neat puncture, so be it he says and I shaking I head on I keep
heading on until the corner’s at the corner with its, jesus, its jazz
music heady spilling wine nice and I know o o o o

o I know, lover lover bee of mine you’re waiting with your
legs crossed at some lowlife table smoking whatever
the last one left behind, devil be damned I love you
with your futile eyes like translucent meltwater
winter be damned just at the start of spring here here here