Twin Bonnies by Alyssa Cooper

The fingers clutching mine let go,
all at once.
and horror,
and inconceivable
there is no warning,
no expectation,
just a pain,
so pure and distant
that it seems to seep,
like an ichor,
from my dreams.

I’m lost.
She had me spinning
so fast,
and now the world
won’t settle.
I’ll shear the fur
from the side of
her head;
pour spun suger
down her tightened throat,
and dance,
under those terribly twisted
I’ll open my eyes
and silence my blood,
to find my twin Bonnies,
from the Maypole;
in the sunshine.


Alyssa Cooper was born in Belleville Ontario. A writer with a passion for literary fiction and free verse poetry, her first novel, Salvation, was released in 2012. Her first poetry collection, Cold Breath of Life, is scheduled to be released in the winter of 2013. She is currently working as a designer in Belleville, where she lives with her vintage typewriters and her personal library.