Ghosts by Jeremiah Walton

I was a ghost last night.

a ghost of a whisper
a ghost of a warm whisper
ghost of a breath’s warm whisper birthing ghosts

ghosts of a whisper
pulling ghost
of my inner-child
out my pencil.

the ghost of empty
the ghost of empty between two bodies
is the ghost massaging my back
the nothing massages my back
when I go to sleep
after waking up.

a ghost is under the bed
nothing and I sleep above.

the tracks are haunted
ghosts are everywhere now.

they’re in my poems.
they euthanize my dreams

my body
a city of ghosts,
so many hauntings.



Jeremiah Walton is 18 and is backpacking along the East coast. He manages Nostrovia! Poetry, WISH Publishing, The Traveling Poet, and works as an editor for Underground Books. Jeremiah’s personal blog is Gatsby’s Abandoned Children, where his poetry collections can be read free online.