how to trap an algorithm – Series I-VII by Jonathan Jones



Two old women talking in New York City. A translation of the Dead Sea Scrolls. Bolton Junction by David Hockney. “You must go through a winter to understand,” says Ken Kelsey in Sometimes A Great Notion. Unidentified Maratha princess in 1930’s India. Merle Oberon. Try this simple exercise in the mornings or before you go to sleep.


The dome of the Cathedral Maria del Fiore. Sobriety by David Rutschman. Alligator the size of a ‘dinosaur’ surprises golfers in South Carolina. Marc Bolan in 20 songs. “Each one wraps himself in what burns him,” says Dante. Mike Flynn willing to testify before Senate in exchange for immunity. Kit Carson.


“When I was a child, I learned to be unseen” says Dorothea Lange, photographer. Brian Wilson’s goodbye to Pet Sounds. Lips by Botticelli.


World’s first ‘Selfie’ art exhibition unveiled. Who are you according to the Bible? Twenty quotes from Children’s books every adult should know. Boom Times for the New Dystopians. 3,829 friends. That’s all I’ve ever wanted.


1,500 acid attacks hit London since 2011. Six cows bound for slaughter broke free yesterday to try to save their own lives in St Louis. “Poetry, suspension bridge between history and truth” says Octavio Paz.      Edward Munch, Self-portrait. The Night Wanderer.


Statue of the Goddess Hecate. Ad for James Taylor and Carole King playing at The Troubadour November 29th 1970. Lying to the FBI is a crime. Taxi Driver – End Scene. A stranded whale dies with more than thirty plastic bags in its stomach.  Johnny Cash sings Folsom Prison Blues.


Two Tibetan monks stand on a snowy mountain. Eric Burdon and the Animals last performing San Francisco Nights. Those interminable Madonnas in museums. I walk past all of them fast. So tedious.


Jonathan Jones qualified in 1999 with his M.A. in Creative Writing from Bath Spa University College. He now teaches writing composition at John Cabot University in Rome.

He has had several pieces of work published in ‘The New Writer’, ‘Poetry Monthly’, ‘Iota’, ‘East Jasmine Review’, ‘The Dr T.J.Eckleburg Review’, and ‘Dream Catcher’.