Sognare ad Occhi Aperti (Day Dream) by Hannah Källåker

Sognare ad occhi aperti
Resting, head tilted, half-lidded gaze to stare
Into the haze, of better halcyon days that never were
Or almost
could have been
Washed in golden peach and amaranth, fickle as petals
Wilt and bloom
An impressionist’s work
L’alba dissolvenza
I dream, I muse in l’altra lingua
Scattering ashes of memory to the wind, swallowed up in sun
Til only one emotion remains, blotting gray for warmer hues
But, I wonder; where does this feeling come from?
The lyrics play softly behind tired eyes
Piano piano
The phrase goes,quietly, with finalityAnd gently, again,
Magari, magari
If only

Hannah is a recent high school graduate who enjoys writing a plethora of genres and styles simply for the fun of it. Maybe someday she’ll get to finishing a novel or two.