guess what i am by Bruce MacDonald

holding once
i get around
to writing this poem
peacefully slipping through
a small opening
in the foot
of Imelda Marcos
finding dead fingers
in strange positions
around the dictionary definition
of surrealism
written on the tip
of the tongue
of one of her shoes
a canvas sneaker
she wore to the gym


Bruce MacDonald works full time as a community mental health worker in Toronto, Ontario. In terms of his writing, he was recently shortlisted for the Matrix 2013 LitPOP Award in poetry. He has published poetry in lichen literary journal, elimae online, sleepingfish, another toronto quarterly and the caterpillar chronicles. He has also contributed a poem to Gary Barwin’s online Heine project (
His book reviews have appeared in NOW Magazine, Popmatters and Metapsychology Online.