One of those Stories by Steve Klepetar

Death lay in the gutter
with a bloody knee, one of those
stories with masks and a beautiful face—
and a
woman with a healing ball of smooth stone,
rubies dangling from her ears, a voice of flame
kneeling by his wounded head
a rush of carts
in that rutted street, horses
and hungry men bent
over sacks demanding a name (full of compromise
and soot,
a place in the shadows
where rats ran through an illusion of glass)
a moment only
when the world stopped, and the snow new fallen
kissed the trees to whiteness
and glinting gold.


Steve Klepetar teaches literature and creative writing at Saint Cloud State University in Minnesota. Flutter Press published two chapbooks in 2012: “My Father Teaches Me a Magic Word” and “My Father Had Another Eye.” His latest book, “Speaking to the Field Mice,” was recently released by Sweatshoppe Publications. Two additional chapbooks are forthcoming from MGV2 and Barometric Pressures.