Unstory by Bill Bunn

Once there was never a little girl. Her name was not-Dot. There were lots
of things she never did. Once of the most important things she never did
was she never said “no”. Most of the never things not-Dot never did were
things she would not have disliked. But, because she un-did her dis-likes
she ended up un-hating what she always never did. This was never not a
problem. In fact, often she was unbothered by her lively un-life.

Before it was ever possible, she didn’t fly in a plane. This un-flying, of
course, did not help, to not say the least. She could not bring her not self to
undo it. Could we not say this was confusing?

Anyway, the point I am not trying to make is that this not-story which
might never have un-happened brings real tears to the eyes of people I
don’t care about.

Bill Bunn is the author of Duck Boy, a YA novel, and Hymns of Home, a
collection of essays about home, both from Bitingduck Press. He’s also published
pieces in several places including The Globe and Mail and Salon.