The Carousel at Midnight by Devon Gallant

diAMonds & MountAins
are you

all the hopes cached away
in all the hats
are you

dreams hid under the bed

the flagrant denial of sense
the reckless flirtation of mad genius
the open window
wet ink

the sweet smell of midnight are you
and the chitter chatter of stars
the laughter of fountains
and the dance of grass

you contain all the tears of the moon
and all the lips of the sun
you are the mischievous like a child
and have the head of a playground
ten promises reside in you
eleven love songs are your mantle
you are both homily and rebel
dangerous and alive
between your two fingers
you hold the furtive glance of strangers
and in your breath blow the winds of chance
and, by chance, are you here, right now?
        do you dance a magical tango with my thoughts?
                do you cheer the small victories of my circumference?
                        and relish all my odd nonsense?

where do the united eyes finally unite?
where is the highway of stars?
your palace of utopia?
and when
does the carousel finally stop?
with its neon beauty
and candy-cane sky?

Author’s Note: AMMA which is the Hindu word for ‘mother,’ is a reference to
Narayani Amma, my guru

Devon Gallant is the founder and publisher of Cactus Press and the author
of eleven chapbooks of poetry, including ABRACADABRA. His work
has previously appeared in The Belleville Park Pages, Carousel, and
Misunderstandings Magazine. As well as being a poet, Devon is also a
chaos magician, pronoaic, and devotee of Narayani Amma. His forthcoming
collection S(tars)&M(agnets) is an experimental blend of shamanism, concrete
poetry, and the erotic.