Variation on Insomnia by Margaryta Golovchenko

In Irish Cream we bless you with the name
of claw-shredding grief and longing.
Considering the skill for interchangeability
the shot was raised to double,
less ice for a packed bite. If you ever need to find it
for negotiation 

                         which you will want someday

come up to the pair of antlers in the corner,
gently run thumb over ancient arthritis and whisper

this is where I loved you last
but where I did it most


Margaryta Golovchenko is an undergrad student at the University of Toronto, and an editor for The Spectatorial, Half Mystic, and Venus Magazine. Her work has appeared in various places, and her debut poetry chapbook “Miso Mermaid” was published by words(on)pages press. She shares her (mis)adventures on Twitter @Margaryta505.