Notes at a Park by Ion Corcos


Old man stops to rest,
burnt bat wings above
spread over two wires.


Tree trunk leans
its shadow on the lawn;
a brush turkey sprints;
no birds.


Woman sits
alone at a table,
with salt,
car on concrete
fallen leaves.


Magpies shriek,
swoop at a goanna
noiseless in the grass,
a young fern bent
in the wind.


Grey wood path crosses
the creek
frogs hid in the reeds
when there was water.


Four white ibis walk along the fence.


Dry twig dangles in the wind
black cockatoo upside down.


Old man
on a bicycle
in birdless heat,
dried seeds on the ground.

Ion Corcos has been published in Lake City Lights, The Greensilk Journal,
and Every Writer, with work upcoming in Message in a Bottle. Ion loves
travelling and has recently spent many months in Greece and Turkey. He
lives with his partner, Lisa, at Sapphire Beach, Australia. Ion’s website is

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