Impressions by Rachel Nagelberg

genetically speaking  it’s not surprising
as you can see  there’s not not evidence
if you get what I— you see tortoises burrow
underground  a behavioral development to
escape the desert heat  you see  behaviorally speaking
humans don’t burrow  there were once caves  or
something  there are such things as houses without
windows  there are bodies that can’t differentiate a
window from a death  ontologically speaking  reality
radiates from n+1 being a human  an electron
an opera  or cinnamon )  does a wood table  then
have a spirit affected by the tree’s perseverance in
an unseasonably dry climate?  my  the wood table is just
stunning  I never would have guessed  physically you’re—



Rachel Nagelberg is primarily a fiction writer based out of San Francisco. Recently she began listening to the wondrous albeit often disturbing calls of the poetic form, and has finally found a venue in which to explore sickness and the body with her ever-beloved tools of language and philosophical thought.