Supplements by Rachel Nagelberg

I mix organic barley grass powder in some water
while texting a disturbing convoluted message to
my partner about feeling inadequate  blah blah
it’s that time of day when all you can do is wait
for the light to wane  to have something sensible
to do  some appointment  or whatever  I gulp
the Aloe Vera inner fillet ( sharp  adulterous ) my
abdomen bulges  feels like a stretched canvas
in hardened clay  my face is ghastly  the pull of
downwards  the unsaid flashback to this morning
work  curled up in a fetal position  on the
bathroom tile
administering an enema laced with Sangre de
Grado ( or
Dragon’s Blood ) hold it  hold it in
                          DRAAAAAIIIINNNAGE  ELI
                          MY BOY3  
                          They should have put you in a
                          glass jar on a mantelpiece
my mother should have shoved that bar of soap
down my throat  perhaps soap will become the new
barley grass in three years when we’re flailing
the streets from some global catastrophe  perhaps
we should be thankful for these liminal moments
between sun and shadow  moon and earth— I still
feel much discomfort


3 (Shrieks Daniel Plainview)



Rachel Nagelberg is primarily a fiction writer based out of San Francisco. Recently she began listening to the wondrous albeit often disturbing calls of the poetic form, and has finally found a venue in which to explore sickness and the body with her ever-beloved tools of language and philosophical thought.