Gitchi Gitchi ya ya Here … by Deborah Guzzi

After: Lady Marmalade by Patty Labelle:

Cymbals and fireworks crescendo through an amethyst haze
of neon and smog. Hong Kongs Chinese New Year begins.
Kettledrums resound with a throat tickling throb; gongs echo
as the Dragon Flame-Dances. Mirrors sewn upon his body
reflect torchlight from his satin skin. See him pounce
past displays of chrysanthemums.

Mainland tourists pack the ways like Chi Chi sticks: cherry
cars, maroon money, hong bao, crimson clothes, flame wishes
for prosperity, confetti the visual plain. The sky over Victoria
Harbor sprouts Peonies. Upside down the buildings pose,
upon the light-raked, deafened, sea.

All pray the ghosts leave with the noise and prosperity descends.
String-dangle your red lanterns, paste red animals on your panes,
pray the ghosts of years past leave in peace, as rockets burst.
Return, return, from the Technicolor displays. Muffle your
ears from the pyrotechnic din.

Food gathering, more important than gunpowder displays,
overflows markets as commodities unattainable on the
mainland get swaddled back to Xian, Beijing, and Shanghai-

Powdered milka dream-get.

crowds disperse
with the sulfurous fog:
a dumpling morn



Deborah Guzzi writes for Massage Magazines. Her poetry appears in: here/there: poetry in the UK, Existere – Journal of Literature in Canada, Tincture in Australia, Cha: Asian Literary Review, China, Latchkey in New Zealand, Vine Leaves Literary Journal in Greece, mgv2>publishing in France, Bitterzoet and others in the USA.