If nothing else, our press is about the heart. Each issue should bring about a sense of connection and matters of the shared human experience. We want to foster a love triangle between the reader, the author, and the words. In reading Bitterzoet (pronounced Bitter -“joot”), we hope to invoke the ideas presented in Anne Carson’s essays on Eros and the Bittersweet. We publish work regularly via our blog-roll magazine and ‘bonbon’ chapbooks throughout the year.

The dry nitty gritty:

  • Conceived on a dark night in New Haven Connecticut in June 2013, Bitterzoet is the brainchild of Wes Solether and Pattie Flint, two hopelessly romantic friends that met at an AWP conference.
  • We are based in Brighton England and Chicago Illinois, simultaneously.
  • We strive to provide as much free content as we can; any prices are only to cover materials and shipping. We do this for free because we believe art should be accessible to everyone.
  • Sweet things are the reason we both enjoy life.